Nothing Is More Powerful Than Beauty in a Wicked World

The title is a powerful line from my favorite Amos Lee song Soul Suckers,” and has been running through my mind lately. It has been a part of me for a few years now, and seems to pop up as a reminder when I need it the most. I’m always astounded at the power of music to bring me back to myself, but this song has particularly helped me.

This song is very beautiful, but it also has a powerful decolonial and anti-capitalist/ pro self-empowerment message that I hear and interpret as almost as a direct message to anyone suffering from the oppressions resulting of those frameworks, whether it be a relationship with a power imbalance or feeling pressured to fit the mold of societal expectations.

The takeaway I’m always impressed by is that knowing oneself is the best form of resistance to the loss of what makes us beautiful and powerful as individuals.

Did you believe it, when they told you they discovered you?
And that everything is free, as long as you do what they tell you to
You think it’s true?

But nothing could be further from the truth, my love

Did you even listen,
When they told you to change your name?
And that nobody wants honesty when looking at a perfect frame
play the game

Nothing could be further from the truth, my love
And nothing is more powerful that beauty in a wicked world

Does it make you feel good, when they tell you what you want to hear?
And after they suck all your soul, well that’s when they’ll disappear
Disappear forever

Like a prince in your little fairy tale
And you will find, one day you put you soul on sale

Nothing could be further from the truth,
my love
And nothing is more powerful than beauty in a wicked world

That last line: “nothing is more powerful than beauty in a wicked world” has become a mantra for me. Don’t get me wrong, I often lose sight of it myself until I most desperately need to remember it. When I feel too stressed or too small to create, I am often not focused on beauty; quite the opposite. I find that my physical surroundings fade away, I feel the need to squelch my voice and my creative instincts, and I become trapped in my mind.

As we enter a new political phase as a country, as arts funding continues to be targeted and decimated, we need to prioritize feeling our own humanity as much as we can. Beauty IS powerful. Art is transcendent. It has the power to re-awaken self-expression and self-identity, the power to reconnect us to our souls.

part of a project created by my students

The more these elements of culture are more threatened, the more obvious the need for them becomes. Our world has always been wicked, life is hard, it is often cruel, unjust, and unfair, but beauty helps give us a reason to keep going.

I am creating this blog as an act of self-acceptance, political resistance, and as an attempt to live in the moment instead of in a space of worry or fear. The moment is really the way we avoid becoming part of the capitalist machine. Love and inspiration can be found in a series of beautiful moments.

Art is what often gives texture and meaning to our lives, not money, possessions, or the other artificial temporary aspects of life that we attach ourselves so desperately to.

So hello from my new blog. If you are still reading an wondering what brings me to posting this post first, I’m primarily writing this blog to keep my own identity solid, to remind myself of why life is also beautiful and miraculous, and to increase hope and gratitude, and to continue my path of growth and self-reflection.

I can’t speak for anyone but myself, but I am glad to be here and am curious to see if anybody will read this and use it for their own self-reflective journey.




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